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Part B

Exploring Representation
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Use the following Interactive Activity to work on the problem below, which lets you manipulate different forms of representation -- graphs and text - to tell a story.

After you have explored Interpreting Stories and Graphs, please answer one or two of the following questions:

  • In Graphs from Stories (Tab 1), how does your graph give you a visual representation of the story?
  • How would changing an element (for example, adjusting the amount of time driven after the first stop light) in the story alter the graph?
  • What is the value of using a graphical representation in this and similar situations?
  • In Stories from Graphs (Tab 2), what variables in the story are represented in the graph? How do these variables help you complete the story?
  • In Write Your Own Story (Tab 3), describe the information that this graph gives. What variables represented in the graph need to be considered in your story? How did you use the information to develop your story?

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