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Part D

Applying Communication
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In the prior sections, you observed and explored the Communication Standard while solving problems about fractions. We also looked at some specific components of communication. Now that you are familiar with the standard and some of its aspects, we'd like you to apply it. Middle school teacher Bill Stevenson needs to evaluate how well students in his sixth-grade class understand estimating, analyzing, and interpreting data.

How does communication fit into this picture? First, consider a problem similar to the one Mr. Stevenson sets for his students:

Consider the features of two graphs of undisclosed locations. Use your cursor to roll over each graph and reflect on the questions. Try to guess what location each graph might represent.

Note: In each graph, the point of origin is zero people and midnight and that we are using line graphs, an appropriate choice to represent this discrete data (a countable number of people) and to make trends evident.

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