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Part B

Exploring Communication
  Introduction | Problem: Shaded/Unshaded Circles | Solution: Shaded/Unshaded Circles | Talking About the Problem | Representing Fractions with Rods | Other Denominators | Modeling Operations | Try It Yourself: Cuisenaire Rods | Problem Reflection | Summary | Your Journal


After you have explored the Shaded/Unshaded Circles problem, answer the following questions:

  • How would you explain your thinking to someone who had little experience with ratios?
  • This problem is an example of a rich mathematical task in that it allows for a variety of strategies for comparing the ratios. Describe two strategies that you could use to compare ratios.
  • How would a written explanation of your thinking differ from an oral explanation? (As a hint, consider what would be involved in describing the problem and your process to someone on the telephone.)
  • What are the important mathematical ideas about fractions embedded in this problem?

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