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Part B

Exploring Communication
  Introduction | Problem: Shaded/Unshaded Circles | Solution: Shaded/Unshaded Circles | Talking About the Problem | Representing Fractions with Rods | Other Denominators | Modeling Operations | Try It Yourself: Cuisenaire Rods | Problem Reflection | Summary | Your Journal


In order for teachers to increase their effectiveness, it's helpful to explore how communication relates to developing understanding of mathematical concepts. Our own experience with fractions may have been limited to relatively simple operations -- we may not have explored fractions in situations other than those requiring computation.

In this section, we will examine your own, rather than your students', approach to a question. The following problem requires more than simply computing with fractions. As you do the problem, think about how you are approaching it, what difficulties you are encountering, and how you are communicating your thinking -- then read the solution to see how we approached the problem.

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