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Part E

Evaluating Connections
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So, what have you done in this session?

  • In Part A, you started by observing students who were making connections to other mathematics as they worked on making hexominos. Students then made connections to real-world problems and used a variety of processes as they tried to fold hexominos to make cubes.
  • In Part B, the dynamic relationship between the area and perimeter of rectangles when area is kept constant helped prompt your understanding of connections. While examining a two-digit multiplication game, you saw opportunities to make connections to prior learning in order to develop new concepts and skills.
  • In Part C, you looked further at connections among mathematics topics, as well as connections to other subject areas.
  • In Part D, you focused on the use of a real-world project, the decorative boxes problem, to introduce and extend key mathematical ideas.
  • In Part E, you created a lesson plan of your own.

Throughout this session, we saw that students can be assisted in recognizing connections and that connections provide a variety of access points to new problems and new concepts. Connections also help demonstrate the usefulness and interrelatedness of mathematical ideas.

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