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Part A

Observing Student Connections
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We've just observed a problem involving hexominos with a focus on connections. Read the questions below and answer one in light of the material you've just seen and read.

Questions to write and reflect about:
  • In the video, the students are expected to develop their own sorting criteria in their small groups. How does this benefit the students? What challenges for the teacher might this open-ended task present?
  • Describe several connections among mathematical ideas that you observed. How did each connection come up in the video?
  • Does this remind you of any activity you have used to expand your students' awareness of connections among mathematics topics? In what ways?
Three ways to write and reflect:
  • Use pen and paper.
  • Use a word processor.
  • Use the form below.
Be sure to save what you have written before you navigate out of the journal section.


Your work will be displayed in a printer-friendly format to enable you to print.

Thanks for writing in your journal. Please keep your entries in whatever format you choose -- you will find them useful for reference later.

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