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Part E

Evaluating Representation
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So, what have we done in this session?

  • In Part A, you looked at representations of data in student work and in a video of a classroom. You saw different ways that students represented relationships related to data, moving from data tables to ratios to percents.
  • In Part B, you worked on a task related to data based on a "typical week" and developed statements and equations that communicated relationships between various data categories.
  • In Part C, you explained the Representation Standard in light of several examples, and discussed the teachers' role in facilitating the use of a variety of representations and making connections among them.
  • In Part D, you observed students as they used objects placed in arrays as a form of visual representation and oral language as they worked to extend their understanding of fractions. In a number of instances, you saw the importance of asking students to use various means of representing their ideas and translating between their representations. You also had several opportunities to reflect on lessons that provided opportunities for students to strengthen their mathematical understanding and skills.
  • In Part E, you created a lesson plan of your own.

Now, we'll wrap up this session with a final journal entry.

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