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Part E

Evaluating Reasoning and Proof
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So, what have you done in this session?

  • In Part A, you looked at student work as students formulated and investigated conjectures about even and square numbers.
  • In Part B, you explored factors of 24 and worked to prove that all possible factors had been found.
  • In Part C, you paid particular attention to conjectures and expanded your awareness of several types of proof.
  • In Part D, you focused on the systematic counting of Valentine card exchanges, and on making and justifying conjectures on how to efficiently count all the exchanges.
  • In Part E, you wrote your own lesson plan as a way to evaluate what you had learned.

Throughout this session, we saw that students benefit from making, testing, and justifying even very simple conjectures, because doing so improves both their understanding of mathematical ideas and their ability to use reasoning. Moreover, they gain additional experience with mathematical communication and problem solving and see connections among and between mathematical ideas.

Now we'll wrap up this session with a final journal entry.

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