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Part A

Observing Student Reasoning and Proof
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Now let's look at the "Products and Sums" video segment in some more detail. In this Observe Viewer, you can watch one group of students as they investigate a pattern between addition and multiplication of particular numbers. We've added annotations that highlight their reasoning process.

After you've watched the video segment, reflect on the following questions:

  • In what ways did the students in the video increase their ability to make observations and develop and discuss their conjectures?
  • How did the students use and extend their knowledge of using tables of values to organize information?
  • What comments or questions might you add that would help students extend their observations or test their conjectures?
  • Who are the students learning from -- themselves, their classmates, the teacher, or a combination? Give examples to support your answer.

The open-ended nature of this investigation both allowed students to begin at a level where they would be successful and enticed them to investigate increasingly complex ideas. Also, as the students practiced reasoning and communicating their ideas, the teacher obtained important assessment information.

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