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Part A

Observing Student Problem Solving
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Now let's look at the "What's the Price?" video segment in more detail. In this Observe Viewer, you can watch a group of students as they solve a problem involving the unit price of 20 plastic bags. We've added annotations that highlight the problem-solving aspect of the process.

After you have observed the classroom, reflect on the following questions:

  • What is the teacher's involvement during the segment? What types of help does she provide (or not provide)?
  • How does the use of a diagram affect the students' work?
  • These students have just started learning about division in their mathematics curriculum. Why do you think the teacher introduced this kind of activity even though she knew that her students were unfamiliar with division?
  • What problem-solving skills are students developing in this lesson?
  • How is problem solving utilized in the lesson to enhance learning about division and decimal numbers?

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