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Part E

Evaluating Communication
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So, what have we done in this session?

  • In Part A, you looked at student work on a geometry problem that involved making, naming, and describing two-dimensional shapes.
  • In Part B, you explored your own thinking and the challenges involved in communicating why two shapes are, or are not, congruent.
  • In Part C, you looked more closely at how communication can include organizing and consolidating mathematical thinking and learning through the sharing of ideas.
  • In Part D, your focus was on applying some communication tools in an exploration of ratios and fractions represented on a number line.
  • In Part E, you created a lesson plan.

Throughout this session, we saw that communication makes it possible not only to share one's ideas and consider the ideas of others, but also to clarify one's own understanding of mathematical ideas.

You will now have an opportunity to consolidate your thoughts by writing in your journal. This final journal entry will mark your completion of the session.

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