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Part D

Applying Communication
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You have just seen one application of the Communication Standard in the classroom: An entire class follows the teacher's guidance as the students learn to use a number line to compare ratios after gathering and analyzing data in small groups. Read the following questions and answer one in light of the students and content you teach.

Questions to write and reflect about:
  • What can you do in your classroom to help students learn new concepts and skills by combining student inquiry, discussion, and analysis with a teacher-led lesson?
  • What can you do to help your students improve their ability to explain and show what they understand about a new mathematics concept?
  • What are some of the advantages of having students work together as a whole class after a period of work in small groups? What should you watch out for?
  • When is it appropriate for the teacher to do most of the drawing of diagrams and using of tools? For example, in the video, why didn't the teacher ask the students to draw number lines and plot the points on a number line themselves? What type of communication would you expect from your students?
Three ways to write and reflect:
  • Use pen and paper.
  • Use a word processor.
  • Use the form below.
Be sure to save what you have written before you navigate out of the journal section.


Your work will be displayed in a printer-friendly format to enable you to print.

Thanks for writing in your journal. Please keep your entries in whatever format you choose -- you will find them useful for reference later.

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