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Part C

Defining Communication
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We've just defined the Communication Standard in more detail, and now we'd like you to write about it. Read the following questions and answer one in light of the students and content you teach.

Questions to write and reflect about:
  • How would you explain to a skeptical student, colleague, or parent the usefulness of communication in the teaching of mathematics?
  • For many teachers, group work, writing, and lively class discussions in mathematics class are very different from their own experiences as young learners. Is this true for you? What role does your past experience play in how you view communication in your classroom today?
  • Put yourself in the place of a reluctant student, possibly one who is in the process of learning English. Which tasks are more likely to entice that student to engage in the mathematics? Why?
Three ways to write and reflect:
  • Use pen and paper.
  • Use a word processor.
  • Use the form below.
Be sure to save what you have written before you navigate out of the journal section.


Your work will be displayed in a printer-friendly format to enable you to print.

Thanks for writing in your journal. Please keep your entries in whatever format you choose -- you will find them useful for reference later.

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