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Observing Student Communication
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  Before you move on to student work, you may want to explore the activity yourself. Use the PDF image (an Adobe PDF document) to print and cut out the square. (If you do not have Adobe Reader, which is necessary for viewing this document, you may download it for free from the Adobe Web site.) Try to create several different shapes, as outlined below:

1. Take a square piece of paper and fold it into two equal rectangles. Unfold it and then fold all four corners into the center point. Crease the fold lines so that you now have a smaller square with four triangles on top of it. Open it up. We'll call this object a Folded Square.

Folded Square

2. Create a new shape by either including or not including folded pieces. For example, you could fold in the top triangle as follows:

Square with Folded-Triangle Top

The resulting shape is a pentagon.

3. Make a drawing of your new shape and label it with its name.


4. Write a description of your shape. For example, if you were sending an e-mail message to a friend who was making the same shape, how would you describe the shape?

5. Repeat Steps 1-5 to create new, original shapes.

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