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Course Pretest
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Now that we have introduced the course, we'd like to touch again on the role of questions and give you a quick pretest.

You will find many questions as you work through the course. As discussed above, there are journal questions at the end of each part, but in addition to these, you'll often encounter "questions to consider" in conjunction with mathematics problems, video excerpts, interactive activities, or other material.

Why so many questions? As we discuss more fully in Session 2, Communication, questions and answers are key elements of learning. For learners working individually, the questions -- specific or general -- will prompt the thinking that is necessary to absorb the course content. In a sense, they stand in for what a live instructor and your fellow learners might be discussing in a face-to-face context. In settings with instructors and other students, such as workshops, cohort study, face-to-face classes, or facilitated online courses, many of the questions may be used as the basis for class discussion.

If you are working individually, you should review all the questions and make sure you understand all of them. Then focus your time on answering those that are most challenging and that you believe are likely to be most rewarding.

If you are working with others, use the questions as a springboard for class or online discussion. Additional questions and related topics will naturally occur when you are working with others, and these are to be encouraged when they serve the aims of the course.

For students who are preparing term papers as part of their work on the course, you may find that some of these questions, when supplemented by outside reading and research, will prompt a term paper topic.

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