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Part C

Course Goals and Structure
  Overall Goal | Observe | Explore | Define | Apply | Evaluate

  Part D: Evaluate, Assess What You Have Learned

In the last part of each session, you are asked to use the information you have learned in the session to create a carefully crafted lesson plan that you can use in your classroom. You are encouraged to use a problem you teach or to adapt a problem from the course. Links to sources of problems, including the Annenberg Learning Math courses, are provided in the reference section of the course.

Classroom Checklist

A printable classroom checklist of items that you may want to review in light of your lesson plan also is included. This checklist is in PDF form, and you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view it. Use of the classroom checklist is optional.


As mentioned previously, the journal appears at the end of each part. In Evaluate, we ask you to read your previous journals to see how your understanding of the process standard has changed and to answer questions based on the entire session.

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