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Part C

Course Goals and Structure
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  Part D: Apply, Put the Standards to Work

The fourth part of each session, Apply, allows you to take what you have learned so far in the session and apply it. You will be introduced to a challenging problem and given a chance to work on it in an interactive activity. Next, you will be asked to consider how you would teach this problem in your classroom and how it relates to the standard under consideration. Finally, you will see video of a teacher working with his or her students on the same problem.

Interactive Activity

The Apply interactive activity allows you to understand all of the steps involved in solving the featured math problem before you are asked to consider how you would teach it in your own classroom. Unlike the interactive activity in the Explore section, these activities are explanatory in nature and underscore a key point in the course, namely that both pedagogical and content skill are necessary for effectiveness as a mathematics teacher.

Here is a sample screen from Session 6, Connections; it is a problem about decorating boxes with paper and requires the use of geometry and measurement.

sample Apply interactive activity

Streaming Video

The video excerpt in this part features a teacher in his or her classroom working on the same math problem featured in the interactive activity. It provides a basis for discussion and comparison.


As mentioned previously, the journal appears at the end of each part. In Apply, the journal questions will allow you to consider how you would apply the standard in your own classroom, particularly when teaching similar material.

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