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Part C

Course Goals and Structure
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  Part C: Define, Understand the Standards

As you teach, it's useful to have a working definition of the process standards. In this part of the course, we help you develop such a definition using the material you've worked through in the previous parts as context. This is supplemented with explanatory video, sample problems, and a particular focus on the teacher's role in implementing this standard. This part provides a more formal grounding for the experiences in the rest of the course. It highlights key points, additional methods, and features commentary from teachers and students.

Key Points

These prose essays define the standard in the context of the problems already featured in each session.

Additional Methods

These methods are additional strategies to keep in mind as you integrate the process standards in your teaching.


Throughout the Define part, comments from teachers and students that illuminate the standard are featured in video and/or text.


As mentioned previously, the journal appears at the end of each part. In Define, the journal questions will allow you to evaluate your understanding of the process standard.

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