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Part C

Course Goals and Structure
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  Part B: Explore, Reflect on Your Own Thinking

In this part of each session, the focus is changed. Now we'd like you to concentrate on your own approach to learning. This part is designed to prompt self-reflection about your own thought process in relation to the standards.

The underlying premise of this section is that we must understand our own habits and practices in communication, problem solving, reasoning and proof, representation, and connections to understand how to best help students establish skill in these areas. Questions that will be typical of the explore section are

  • How do we use these ideas in our own mathematical work?
  • Is our own thinking about them clear?
  • How can we further develop our ability to apply them?

All of the work in the Explore section is done in the context of a problem or series of problems and an interactive activity. The problems and activity are intended for you to solve and they grow out of mathematical content related to material you may teach. In the context of the course, however, these are provided for your use rather than for class assignment.

Being aware of how you understand and integrate the process standards in your own thinking is the key to implementing them effectively.

Here are specific features of Explore:

The Interactive Activity

This Flash activity provides an interactive way to explore your own understanding of a concept in the context of a particular process standard. This is a fun and open-ended activity, and is designed for you, not for use in your classroom (although the activity may be adapted).

Here is an example from Session 2, Communication, in which you explore properties of congruent shapes.

sample explore interactive activity

There is one activity like this in each of the sessions.


As mentioned above, the journal appears at the end of each part. In Explore, the journal questions will allow you to reflect on the interactive activity you just completed as well as other points.

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