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Part C

Course Goals and Structure
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  Part A: Observe, See the Standard in Action

The first part of the session, Observe, is designed to let you observe the process standard in action. In this part you will view examples of student work, observe classrooms through streaming video, and record your own work in a journal. The material in this part is generally based on one aspect of a subject area and a related age-range-appropriate mathematics problem.

Here are specific features of Observe:

Student Work and Discussion

In this feature you will be able to observe hypothetical examples of student work for your grade band. You will be presented with a problem, shown how students worked on the problem, and asked to consider questions the teacher may ask students and ways they might answer.

For example, in Session 4, Reasoning and Proof, you will be introduced to students and teachers working with a number problem. In particular, they are finding patterns that occur when numbers are added to themselves or multiplied by themselves. They are writing and talking about their results. Here is a sample illustration.

sample hexominoes

Observe Classroom

Another feature of this part is the Observe a Classroom interactive activity. This is a viewer that allows you to focus on specific aspects of a featured video depicting students and a teacher working on the problem in a regular classroom setting. There are annotations that help focus attention on the process standard under consideration. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the sample screen below for this activity; it is a tool that will be used in each session. Note that these activities will require the Flash Player plug-in, version 5 or later, as noted earlier in this session.

instruction screen for observe viewer

Streaming Video

Another feature of the Observe part is streaming video. In conjunction with student work and the Observe a Classroom interactive activity, you will view streaming video and reflect on questions related to the material. All of the videos require the Windows Media Player plug-in, as noted earlier in this session. The videos will play in a popup window like the one below.

sample popup window


At the end of each part of the course, you will have an opportunity to think about and record your observations and thoughts. Completing the journal is an important part of your learning, because it will allow you to reflect on what you've just observed and relate it to your own practice. The journal will accumulate as you work through each course session and will be useful for self-evaluation. Please note that students taking this course for credit in conjunction with Colorado State University must be prepared to present the journals as well as a term paper for evaluation.

There are several different ways you may complete the journal: using pen and paper, using a word-processing program, such as Microsoft Word, or by using the Web-based form we provide and printing your entries. Whichever format you choose, keep track of your entries and organize them into a notebook or computer folder for reference. After you have completed the course, we hope you will find these materials of use for continuing review and professional development.

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