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How To Take This Course
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  Who Should Take This Course

Teaching Math: Grades 3-5 is designed for pre-service and in-service elementary school teachers; teacher-leaders in schools and districts; professional developers; and other professionals involved in mathematics education. It is not designed for direct use with students, but rather is a professional development resource.

How To Take This Course

Teaching Math: Grades 3-5 was designed with flexibility in mind. It may be used by a variety of users in varying situations. You may choose to work through the sessions on your own, in a study group, or as a facilitated online course for graduate credit.

Graduate Credit

If you are interested in taking the course for academic credit, please go to the graduate credit page for more information.

Teacher Talk
We encourage all learners to go to the Teacher Talk section of the site to join an email discussion group and converse with other teachers taking this course.

How Much Time to Spend

Plan to spend at least 20-30 hours to complete the course. This introductory session should take approximately one hour. A minimum of four hours is recommended for each session that follows. Of course, the amount of time will vary from individual to individual. Whether you are working independently or in a group, we recommend that you work on the course on a regular schedule.

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