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Writing in Science

Video and Reflection: Watch Science Literacy: Reading and Writing Diagrams to see a 8th grade science teacher have students interpret diagrams, write, and use a physical model to understand a targeted concept. You may want to take notes on the questions below.

  • Before you watch: How do you think students' retention of learning is affected if they engage with science content in a hands-on manner?
  • Watch the video: As you watch, notice places where you can observe that students are gaining conceptual understanding through visuals. Are you impressed with these students’ critiques of published graphics?


Science Literacy: Reading and Writing Diagrams

Students use models to explain how the relative positions of the Sun, Moon, and Earth determine Moon phases, eclipses, and tides. They also explore the importance of diagrams in communicating information.

Teacher: Mike Viney

School: Blevins Middle School, Fort Collins, CO

Grade: 8

Discipline: Science

Lesson Topic: Moon phases and misleading diagrams

Lesson Month: May

Number of Students: 27

  • Reflect: The idea of students keeping a science journal where they record questions and observations in writing and graphic form is appealing. How would you assess students’ journal work? Is there a role for peer evaluation of journals?