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Disciplinary Literacy

Disciplinary Literacy: Big Ideas

  • Watch the video: As you watch, notice and take notes on 1) how Mr. Berryman prepared students for group collaboration; 2) how he monitored and supported the progress of students in each group; 3) how students listened to and responded to each other; and 4) student comments on the value of group work. 


Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Martin Berryman explains how peer-to-peer collaboration fosters teamwork and understanding.

Teacher: Martin Berryman

School: Malden High School, Malden, MA

Grade: 10

Discipline: Science (Chemistry)

Lesson Topic: Gravimetric analysis

Lesson Month: December

Number of Students: 32

  • Reflect: Think about and take notes on the following questions: 1) How did the purpose and focus of groups in each video differ? 2) What was the role of the teacher in each video during student collaboration? 3) How did students use collaborative discussions to deepen their understanding of the lesson concepts? 4) What did you find new or interesting in these videos that you might implement in your classroom?