Kondo Lattice Scaling Behavior

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The red, blue and purple shaded regions are those in which one finds, respectively, local moment antiferromagnetic order (AF), heavy electron superconducting order (SC), and a co-existence of the AF and SC phases. T0 is the temperature below which the heavy fermions no longer exhibit KL scaling behavior, TN is the Neel transition temperature for AF ordering, TC is the superconducting transition temperature, TLM is a suggested temperature, not yet determined experimentally, at which the local moments cease to exist as an independent degree of freedom (and the size of the electronic Fermi surface is expected to jump), TL is the temperature below which the heavy electron Fermi liquid (FL) displays Landau FL behavior (which will appear in the superconducting region if magnetic fields strong enough to destroy superconductivity are applied) while above TL, one finds the anomalous Fermi liquid (AFL) transport behavior expected for quasiparticles being scattered against quantum critical fluctuations emanating from the quantum critical point at PQC. While theory would suggest the presence of a TL line for P < PQC and a T0 line for P > PQC, it has not yet proved possible to establish their presence experimentally. (Unit: 8)