Candlestick Atomic Beam Source

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Like most of the rest of the experimental apparatus, the atom source is specially designed and machined. The candlestick itself is a small molybdenum cylinder filled with stainless steel wire mesh and placed inside a copper pot. Wicking action on the mesh allows the delivery of melted sodium to the source emission point of the candlestick, a localized hot spot placed several centimeters above a reservoir of melted sodium at the bottom of the pot, and kept at the melting point for sodium. The copper pot has a collimation hole, and un-collimated sodium atoms are transported back to the reservoir and then wicked back up to the emission point. In the figure the source is shown from the rear and the candlestick is seen as the narrow gray cylinder in the sliced opening of the copper pot. The whole structure is mounted on a stainless steel vacuum flange. (Unit: 7)