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Visuals: Unit 7


Conditional Processing in a Bose-Einstein Condensate
A Bose-Einstein condensate as a novel processor for quantum information.
Coupling Laser
Two lasers, a probe and a coupling laser, are used together, allowing a light pulse to be imprinted in the atoms of a condensate.
Manipulating a Matter Wave
A matter wave containing the information of a light pulse is manipulated, or processed, using condensates and a laser.
Parent Photon Split into Two Daughter Photons
A high energy parent photon is split into two lower energy daughter photons. These photons become entangled in energy, and are in a superposition state.
Quantum-Mechanical Magic Trick
A light pulse is extinguished in one part of space and then regenerated in a different location.
Refractive Index
Light is known to travel through the universe at a constant speed. But light can be slowed down, and is, everyday, in as simple a material as glass.
Slowing Light
Light slows down in a Bose-Einstein condensate.
Storing Light as Matter
Atoms that make up the condensate are storing the light as matter in a quantum superposition state. This opens up the door for quantum computation.


Adding a Second Condensate
The matter copy continues the journey.
Candlestick Atomic Beam Source
The atom source in the experimental setup is specially designed and is called the "candlestick atomic beam source."
Communication with Apollo 11
Flight controllers Charles Duke (Capcom), Jim Lovell (backup CDR), and Fred Haise (backup LMP) during lunar module descent.
Dye Laser
Adjustment of one of the dye lasers.
Optical Setup
A view of the optics table.
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
An optical time domain reflectometer in use.
Preparation for an Experimental Run
Running the experimental setup requires a great focus.
Quantum Computer With Two Qubit
A two-bit quantum computer implemented with two beryllium ions trapped in a slit in an alumina substrate with gold electrodes.
Saint Hans—Midsummer Celebration in Denmark
Saint Hans bonfire—Midsummer celebration in Skagen, Denmark.
Turning Light Into Matter
Turning light into matter with the creation of a perfect matter copy of the extinguished light pulse.

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Atom Refrigerator Sketch
Sketch of experimental setup used to created ultracold atoms.
Bits and Binary Numbers
Classical computers use bits that can be valued either 0 or 1.
Carrying Around Light Pulses
Turning light into matter in one Bose-Einstein condensate and then matter back into light in a second BEC in a different location.
Coming Full Circle
Was Newton right after all: "Are not gross Bodies and Light convertible into one another... ?"
Evaporative Cooling
Evaporative cooling into the ground state.
Experimental Setup for Slow Light
Experimental realization of slow light.
Internal Energy Levels of a Sodium Atom
Internal, quantized energy levels of the atom.
Measurement of Ultra-Slow Light
Measurement of ultra-slow light in a cold atom cloud.
Qubits and Superposition
Quantum computers use qubits.
Race Between a Biker and a Light Pulse.
The biker wins the race against the light pulse!
Refractive Index and Transmission
Refractive index variation with the frequency of a probe laser pulse.