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Protest and Politics

1968, Year of the Barricades

Prerequisite Knowledge

This collection’s introduction and background sections help to establish the prerequisite knowledge and set the stage for an examination of protest movements of 1968. Before viewing the photos and doing the activities, students should:

  • Understand that after World War II, much of the world aligned into two spheres of influence: one dominated by the Soviet Union and a communist ideology, and one dominated by the United States and a democratic and capitalist ideology.
  • Understand that after the United States’ use of the atomic bomb in Japan during World War II, a nuclear arms race began, resulting in worldwide concern about a possible nuclear war.
  • Understand that the Vietnam War was one manifestation of the tension between the communist and democratic/capitalist ideologies and the so-called superpowers’ struggle for dominance.
  • Understand reasons for the United States’ involvement in Vietnam, the home-front strife caused by the war, and the opposition movement.
  • Have knowledge of the Civil Rights movement in the United States, including understanding the tactics of the non-violent protest movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and of the more militant Black Power movement.
  • Understand that printed daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines, radio, and, increasingly, television, were pervasive and popular ways for people to learn about and see imagery and/or video depicting local and world events.

Grade Level

Middle & High School

Classroom Connections

English Language Arts
Social Studies
U.S. History
World History

Curriculum Snapshot

  • Student protests and worker strikes in France
  • The “Prague Spring,” the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, and anti-Soviet youth protest
  • Student protest in Mexico
  • Columbia University student protests

Video Connection



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