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Protest and Politics

1968, Year of the Barricades

Essential Questions

  • What role do young people and ordinary citizens have in bringing about social, political, and economic change?
  • How do protest movements use gestures, symbols, objects, and signage to construct a visual statement of dissent?
  • How does the media shape events?
  • Are generational differences inevitable?
  • Are historical outcomes inevitable?
  • Can major shifts in forms of government occur without protest?
  • Why does protest bring violent response from local, state, or federal authorities?
  • What lasting impact did the protest movements of 1968 have?

Grade Level

Middle & High School

Classroom Connections

English Language Arts
Social Studies
U.S. History
World History

Curriculum Snapshot

  • Student protests and worker strikes in France
  • The “Prague Spring,” the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, and anti-Soviet youth protest
  • Student protest in Mexico
  • Columbia University student protests

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