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Immigration, Urbanization, and Identity

The Progressive Era City

Key Learning Targets

Students will:

  • Examine the challenge for immigrants who were assimilating to a new culture while maintaining their cultural identity.
  • Compare and contrast urban centers as hubs for jobs and economic opportunity, but also places of poor sanitation and horrible living conditions.
  • Investigate the working conditions in factories that put the health of children in jeopardy.
  • Be able to discuss the reasons why people organized labor movements to effect change.
  • Learn how photographic images contribute to our understanding of historical eras.

Grade Level

Middle & High School

Classroom Connections

English Language Arts
Social Studies
U.S. History

Curriculum Snapshot

  • The rapid urbanization caused by waves of immigrants coming from eastern and southern Europe, as well as from China, from the 1880s–1920s
  • Child labor practices that were commonplace in mills, factories, and mines
  • Immigrants struggling to maintain their cultural identity in the midst of creating a new home in the United States


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