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Capture, Storage, and Transformation

Extension Activities

  1. Research different energy options in your area using the U.S. Energy Information Administration interactive map in References and Further Reading. Prepare a presentation or a paper, using the photographs from the first activity, presenting the pros and cons of different options for your community.
  2. As a persuasive writing exercise, write a letter to a politician that makes a case for supporting a particular energy option for your region. Support your case with images.
  3. Prepare a presentation or paper using the resources and imagery on biomimicry at asknature.org. Show how natural features of organisms can be used to design energy-capturing systems, such as wave turbines.

Grade Level

Middle & High School

Classroom Connections

Earth and Space Science
Life Science
Physical Science

Curriculum Snapshot

  • Using photographs to recognize energy effects in the natural world
  • Examining ways to capture, store, and use energy for work


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