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Earth, Climate, and Change

Observing Human Impact

Extension Activities

  1. Explore current extreme weather events around the globe. Check news sources to find examples of extreme weather events. Find news stories with photos and examine the photos, using the questions from the activities in this collection. An additional option is to write an essay in a style your class has been learning (such as persuasive) based on one or more news stories and the accompanying photos.
  2. Join the U.S. Geological Survey’s iCoast project, and analyze coastline photographs before and after a major storm. Human eyes are better than computers at noting changes in complex coastline features, so the U.S. Geological Survey needs your help.

Grade Level

Middle & High School

Classroom Connections

Earth and Space Science
Environmental Studies
Physical Science
Social Studies

Curriculum Snapshot

  • Using photographs and satellite imagery to identify and observe changes in the Earth’s features over time that indicate climate change
  • Using photographs and satellite imagery to prompt discussions on the relationship between the water cycle, weather, and climate, especially the contribution of oceans


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