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A lonely job. Waiting all alone in the dark for a trip[?] to come through. It was so damp that Willie said he had to go to the doctor for his cough. A short distance from here, the gas was pouring into the mine so rapidly that it made a great torch when the foreman lit it. Lives at 164 Center St., Pittston, Pa. This is Willie Bryden[?], a nipper. Been working there 4 mos. 500 ft. from the shaft, and a quarter of a mile underground from there. Shaft #6 Pa. Coal Co. Walls have been whiterewashed to make it lighter. Jan 16: I found Willie at home sick. His mother admitted he is only 13 yrs old; will be 14 next July. She said 4 months after the mine boss told the father to take Willie to work, and they obtained a certificate from Squire Barrett. The only thing the squire could do was to make Willie out to be 16 yrs. Willie’s father & brother are miners and the home is that of a frugal German family.


Date: January 1911
Location: Pittston, Pennsylvania
Photographer: Lewis Hine
Source: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, National Child Labor Committee Collection, LC-DIG-nclc-01109


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