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Learning Math User Guide
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Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

To use the Learning Math courses online, we recommend the following:

Internet access:
Minimum 56K modem connection, but ISDN or high-speed connection is recommended. The slower your connection, the longer it will take to load larger features, such as the Flash activities. To view the video programs and video segments online, a DSL connection, cable modem, or LAN connection to a T1 line or greater is required.

Web browser:
Internet Explorer 6.0 (or a higher version). (Javascript should be enabled, if your browser allows you to disable it.) Text fonts and colors, and many features, such as hidden Tips, may not be displayed correctly in older browsers.

Here are links to sites where you can download (for free) the plug-ins you'll need to get the most out of the courses:


Shockwave Flash 7 (or a higher version) for using the interactive activities


Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing the Readings in the Homework sections

Notes on printing:
If you are having trouble printing some of the course content pages, you may try doing one or more of the following (from the "Print Preview", "Print...", or "Page Setup..." menu):


Turn on "Shrink to Fit" mode (IE 5 only)


Print the page in "Landscape" mode


Reduce the scale of the printer output


In the Measurement course, certain PDF documents are drawn to scale. When printing them, be sure that the Acrobat print dialog box settings for page scaling or shrinking oversized pages are turned off.

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