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Number and Operation Session 8: Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning
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Notes for Session 8, Part B

Note 4

Many people who have trouble with fractions and computations with fractions do not have a mental image of what a fraction represents, which makes it very difficult to do computations. This section gives a concrete representation of the fractions and helps you understand why the shortcuts for computations work.

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Note 5

To learn more about different meaning of operations, go to Session 4, Part A.

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Note 6

The Cuisenaire Rods model illustrates why the algorithms for adding and subtracting fractions work -- namely, that you cannot add the fractions until they are expressed in the same units. It also shows why the alternative algorithm for dividing fractions (finding a common denominator and then dividing the numerators) works. It does not, however, illustrate why the multiplication algorithm (multiplying the numerators and multiplying the denominators) works.

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