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Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
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Session 7 Materials:

Number and Operations Session 7: Fractions and Decimals

In this session, you will explore the relationships between fractions and decimals and learn how to convert fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions. You will also learn to predict which fractions will have terminating decimal representations and which will have repeating decimal representations.

If you think about fractions and their decimal representations together, there are many patterns you can observe (which are easy to miss if you only think about them separately).

In This Session:

Part A:

Fractions to Decimals

Part B:

Decimals to Fractions

Part C:

Ordering Fractions



Learning Objectives

In this session, you will do the following:


Understand why every rational number is represented by either a terminating decimal or a repeating decimal


Learn to predict which rational numbers will have terminating decimal representations


Learn to predict the period -- the number of digits in the repeating part of a decimal -- for rational numbers that have repeating decimal representations


Understand how to convert repeating decimals to fractions


Understand how to order fractions without converting them to decimals or finding a common denominator

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Throughout the session you will be prompted to view short video segments. In addition to these excerpts, you may choose to watch the full-length video of this session.


Previously Introduced:

New in This Session:


prime number
rational numbers

repeating decimal
terminating decimal

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