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Learning Math Home
Number Session 10, Grades K-2: Classroom Case Studies
Session 10 Session 10 6-8 Part A Part B Part C Homework
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Session 10 Materials:

Session 10, Part A:
Observing a Case Study (25 minutes)

To begin the exploration of what topics in number and operations look like in a classroom at your grade level, watch a video segment of a teacher who took the Number and Operations course and then adapted the mathematics to her own teaching situation. When viewing the video, keep the following questions in mind:
Note 2


What fundamental ideas (content) about number and operations is the teacher trying to teach?


What mathematical processes does the teacher expect students to demonstrate?


How do students demonstrate their knowledge of the intended content? What does the teacher do to elicit student thinking?

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Video Segment
In this video segment, Ms. Weiss applies the mathematics she learned in the Number and Operations course to her own teaching situation by having her students use counting chips to solve a subtraction problem. The children solve the problem and then discuss their methodology. When they've finished discussing the problem, they must write a mathematical sentence to justify their answers.

If you are using a VCR, you can find this segment on the session video approximately 3 minutes and 58 seconds after the Annenberg Media logo.



Problem A1


Answer questions (a), (b), and (c) above.


Problem A2


At what point(s) in the lesson seen in the video segment are the students learning new content? Are they applying what they already know?


Problem A3


Ms. Weiss gave each group of students a set of chips. What were some advantages and disadvantages of using this manipulative?


Problem A4


Ms. Weiss's lesson was based on one from Session 4 of this course. Discuss the ways in which her lesson was similar to and different from the one in Session 4. What adaptations did she make, and why?

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