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Re: [Channel-talknumber] math concepts first

From: Paula Toomey <Paula_Toomey@natick.k12.ma.us>
Date: Thu Jan 10 2008 - 09:52:55 EST
X-Mailer: FirstClass 8.2 (build 8.094)

I also teach special ed. I teach in a self-contained setting. My advice
to my students is to be able to tell me the process they used to get their
answer(s). This applies to all my students - whether they are still in the
basics and are developing number sense or are beyond the basics.
Experience has taught me that even the kids who are still developing
number sense or are working their way through the basics actually advance
in math beyond the expectations because they are able in one way or
another to explain or demonstrate the process they used. It's an
excellent life skill!

 Also, in this age of high stakes testing, they need to be able to explain
the process they used.

Hope this is helpful,

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