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From: Roxanne Ditrolio (DitroliR@seekonk.k12.ma.us)
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 17:23:21 EDT

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    Some of my middle school students have trouble keeping surface area and
    volume straight. Earlier this year, my students were assigned a problem
    in which they were supposed to determine the number of unit cubes in a 3
    x 3 x 3 cube. They were given a drawing and could make and use models
    to help them solve the problem. Most of the students came up with 27
    cubes, but some had an answer of 54 cubes, even after making and using a
    model. (54 sq. units is the surface area, not the volume.) At what age
    should students have experiences with surface area? If you teach
    elementary school, do your students have opportunities to explore
    surface area and/or volume? Do you have any tips on how to help
    students with these two measurement concepts?

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