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Learning Math User Guide
User Guide
About LearningMath
How to Use These Courses
Course Components
Technical Requirements

How to Use the Learning Math Courses

Each Learning Math course includes sequentially organized problems, video viewing, interactive activities, readings, and homework. The multimedia elements of the course create an exciting environment for probing mathematics content. The course can be taken entirely on the Web, followed in a print guide, or completed using a combination of Web and print. You can watch the videos online via Video on Demand, or on videocassette/DVD.

The following sequence of activities will give you a sense of what you will do as a student using Learning Math:

1. Watch the session video in its entirety. You can watch the video before you begin the session to become comfortable with the material, or you can view the video after completing the session (so as not to view answers to problems).

2. Do problems sequentially. Each session is divided into several parts indicated in the tabs along the top of the page. The problems are numbered within each part. (e.g., Problem A1)


3. If you are having difficulty with a problem, click on the Tip button.


4. Check the solutions by clicking on the Solution buttons.


5. If you want a more rigorous challenge, try out a Take It Further problem.

 Take it Further

6. Read the Notes as you go along, to establish a context for the content and for suggestions on doing the activities in groups.


7. Watch video segments strategically placed throughout the session by fast-forwarding or skipping to the approximate time code indicated. To locate the segment, zero your VCR/DVD at the spot when the Annenberg Media logo appears.


8. Do homework problems and readings (available as PDF files online) at the end of each session to reinforce your learning.


Ways To Take Learning Math
Learning Math was flexibly designed for a variety of users and situations. You may choose to work through the sessions on your own, in a study group, or as part of a facilitated, face-to-face, graduate-level course for credit.

Go to Teacher-Talk to join an email discussion group and converse with other teachers taking this course.

Graduate Credit
Go to http://www.learner.org//faq/faq_workshops.html for details on receiving graduate credit for Learning Math.

Taking Multiple Learning Math Courses
The five Learning Math courses are designed to be independent of one another. You can take just one course, several courses, or all five courses in the order that fits your needs or the needs of your group. The courses also complement one another, with some topics discussed in more than one course but approached differently depending on the focus of that course. Taking several of these courses will increase your own conceptual understanding and ultimately that of your students.

Facilitating the Course
You can prepare for facilitating the course by reading through each session and its "Notes" section prior to meeting with your group. Reading through the material will help you become clear about the activities, plan how much time you need to spend on each one, and pull together necessary materials. The course is designed for use by an individual, but the Notes may suggest ways for groups to work through the sessions.

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