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[Channel-talkgeometry] session 2 reflections

From: Jill Findlay <jillfindlay@msn.com>
Date: Wed Jul 02 2008 - 18:34:13 EDT

I found the "discovery" method used to identify the pattern and relationship
involved with the triangle inequality law to be very effective (sum of the
two shorter lengths must be greater than the longest side). I also found
this to be the case for discovering the relationship with quadrilaterals. I
would love to use this same discovery process with kids, has anyone used
this lesson plan in the classroom? If so. how much guidance was necessary?
And at what ages? Were kids able to make this "discovery" on their own, or
did they need some stopping points with guided questions to be able to see
the pattern? How long did the lesson take?

I also think they would love to do the toothpick and marshmallow tower! Has
anyone tried this in the classroom? Were they able to make taller towers
the second time around?

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