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[Channel-talkgeometry] Session 10 grades 6-8

From: Carol Grassi <carolgrassi@optonline.net>
Date: Wed Jul 20 2005 - 22:16:34 EDT
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      Problem A2
      This lesson is not couched in a "real-world context." Students are thinking about mathematical ideas in the abstract. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of lesson? Are "mathematics only" lessons important in your classroom? What purpose do they, as opposed to contextualized lessons, serve? Note 3

My Response:
I enjoyed watching the children interact with each other, and think for themselves. Instead
of the old-fashioned way of teaching by drilling, these creative ways of interacting keeps
the kids motivated.

I have not yet taught in a classroom, but have only observed this past semester. I observed
in a high school setting in a district that the federal government has deemed "high needs."
Although it's true that this was a high school setting, there was no bright colored paper cut
outs for these kids, no decorated classrooms, and the only teaching I was exposed to
was very dry.

I enjoyed this video and all of the other segments because the students were true participants.
Instead of having a teacher lecture to them, all students (both the teachers in the earlier segments and
the students in session 10) were very involved.

I believe that by having the students be involved by deductive reasoning, they will understand
the material and retain it. This education will bring them much further than simply studying to
pass a test.

Althought I know students need the foundations of the "math only" lessons, I believe they need
the lessons with the tangible examples this course used from beginning to end.

Carol Grassi

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