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Solutions for Session 7, Part B

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Problem B1


Yes. Of the 12 people with below-average arm spans, 10 have below-average heights.


Yes. Of the 12 people with above-average arm spans, 11 have above-average heights.


These answers suggest a positive association between arm span and height.

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Problem B2


Yes. Of the 11 people with below-average heights, 10 have below-average arm spans.


Yes. Of the 13 people with above-average heights, 11 have above-average arm spans.

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Problem B3

Here are the completed tables:

Row proportions:

Row percentages:

Since 90.9% of the people with below-average heights also have below-average arm spans, and 84.6% of the people with above-average heights also have above-average arm spans, this again indicates a strong positive association between height and arm span.

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