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[Teacher-talkdata] Session 10 Problem C5

From: Christine <>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 15:40:59 -0400
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Problem C5. How could you extend the discussion in this video segment to bring out more speculations about the nickels? How might you formalize these notions into stated conjectures that could be investigated further? What are some conjectures that might arise? How could you formulate them into new questions? How could these questions then be investigated? After crafting the box plots, I might ask students to think about which mint produces the most coins. I might also expect them to ask why the SF mint doesn’t have data after a certain point. Because we are a 1-1 technology school, students could be broken into groups to further investigate their questions online and report back with their groups on their findings. I am also from Guam, so I might connect my classroom to my friends classroom in Guam via facetime and the students in both classrooms could compare their findings from collections made in MA as well in GU to talk about representative samples in geographic regions. The time overlap is tricky but manageable.

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