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Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
From: KLMuraca@aol.com
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 21:22:00 EDT

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    This year I taught in a integrated preschool classroom and we recorded our
    daily weather each morning as a large group. I mainly focused on this activity
    for the 1-1 correspondence for my 4-5 year old students; but, after taking the
    course I realize how much further I can take this routine activity. I have
    been working on a way for the children to record the data on their own weather
    graphs and continue to their basic math skills with additional questioning
    that would be geared toward the average type of weather for the month (mean), the
    median, and the mode. We already do the mode using the terms the type of
    weather that occurred the most during the month. Of course, my students would
    not be able to figure out what the mean would be, but I could ask them to
    predict using their graphs what they believe it to be and then basically figure it
    out in front of them for exposure to addition and division. We could also
    easily find the median together.
    This weather graph activity is actually my work in progress for my project
    because it would be used daily and it would be beneficial to their
    problem-solving abilities.
    I loved the course and I know that the information I have gained from it will
    be useful in my future teaching endeavors.

    Kristin Muraca

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