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Notes for Session 6, Part D

Note 10

The image of a "human graph" is a powerful one when looking at graphs of lines and intersections of lines. The technique of having participants become "points" helps them to visualize slope, intersections, intercepts, and properties of functions. You will need a large space that has the x and y axes laid out, either in chalk or tape, depending on where you choose to do the activity. If the weather is nice, this is a wonderful activity to do outdoors.

Ask eight participants to volunteer to stand on the integer points on the x axis between and including -3 and 3. Then follow the directions given in the student guide for Problems D1-D10. For those participants who are not directly involved in creating the "human graphs," have them record what they see on graph paper.

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Note 11

In Problem D3, choose two students to "walk the slope" — that is, walk the rise and run. Then ask two other students to walk the slope for a different rise and run.

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Note 12

For the equation graphed in Problems D8 and D9, it is helpful to have a long rope to wrap around the participants to show the shape of the graph they are making (a parabola). Then you can lay the rope down on the ground to estimate the intercepts in Problem D9.

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