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Learning Math Home
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
Session 10 Session 10 Grades k-2 Part A Part B Part C Part D Homework
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Session 10, Grades K-2, Part D:
Critiquing Student Lessons (20 minutes)

In the K-2 curriculum, students are frequently asked to think about patterns, but often their "pattern sniffing" skills end with simply finding the next object. Note 7

Here is a "pattern" problem.

Subtract, then look at the differences in each row. Continue the pattern.


Problem D1


What algebraic ideas are in this lesson?


Problem D2


How are patterns used in this lesson?


Problem D3


What mathematics do you think students would learn from this lesson?


Problem D4


Are there any misconceptions that students might develop from this lesson?


Problem D5


How would you modify the problem, or what additional questions might you ask, to incorporate the framework for analyzing patterns?


Problem taken from Addison Wesley Mathematics, Grade 2 (Menlo Park, Calif.: Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley, 1993).

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