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Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
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Ruth Cossey

Ruth Cossey
Mills College, Calif.

Ruth Cossey is associate professor of education at Mills College. She serves as director for the Mid-Career Mathematics and Science Program, a teacher pre-service program designed to prepare mathematics and science professionals for new careers in urban education. She was also co-director of the Leadership Institute for Teachers of Elementary Science (LITES). LITES, an NSF-supported systemic elementary science and mathematics education collaboration, was designed to build the capacity of Oakland public schools to provide a rigorous, experientially based science program in every elementary school classroom. Her professional interests include pre-service and in-service mathematics and science education, sociology of education in urban environments, and mathematics reform in elementary and secondary schools. She received a Ph.D. in the sociology of mathematics education at Stanford University in 1997 and a Bachelor's in mathematics from San Francisco State College.

Content Developer


Faye Ruopp
Educational Consultant, MA

Faye Nisonoff Ruopp, a former high school mathematics teacher (Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School), was a senior project director at Education Development Center for 12 years, where she directed several National Science Foundation projects focused on the professional development of mathematics teachers K-12. At EDC, she also directed the development of a middle school mathematics curriculum, Impact Mathematics, now published by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill. She is currently an independent consultant and a trainer for Teachers 21, working with school districts on the implementation and selection of mathematics curricula, as well as on the professional development of mathematics teachers.

Onscreen Participants


Sue-Anne Brabant
K-1 Teacher/Coordinator


Frederick Won Park
Teacher, Grades 3-4


Celeste Janey
Special Education Teacher Grades K-2


Andrea Plate
Math Teacher, Grade 8


Liza Jones
Teacher, Grade 3


Deanna Purdy
Math Teacher, Grade 9


Laurie Levin
Instructional Leader in Elementary Mathematics


Mary Lou Randall
Math Teacher, Grade 7


Lolita Mattos
Math Teacher, Grades 7-8


John Souto
Math Teacher, Grades 7-8


Ric Mosher
Math Teacher, Grades 7-9


Hazel Sparrow
English/Language Arts Teacher, Grades 7-8


Blake Munro
Elementary Math Coordinator


Bette Toney
Teacher, Grade 1


Christina Orr
Bilingual Teacher, Grade 3


Gina Webber
Teacher, Grade 1



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