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[Channel-talkalgebra] Learning Math-Algebra:Session 1

From: R.K. H. <[email protected]>
Date: Mon Jul 09 2007 - 16:29:51 EDT

I just wanted to share that I am beginning to realize
that while I thought I was preparing my students for
understanding Algebra and Algebraic concepts, I now
realize that I should be taking a different approach
or at least modifying it. The activities that are in
this session are great for getting students to think
algebraically without calling it Algebra. That word
scares students and they freeze up not knowing what to
do--even when they really are quite capable of
completing whatever task they have been given. I have
tried to prepare students for Algebra by emphasizing
properties and rules as well as vocabulary, but this
session emphasizes the need to look at problems
conceptually and analyze/manipulate the info. given
and deciding what should be applied to the problem as
well as how to use it to find definate or possible
solutions to the problems. I like all the discussion
that takes place in the "classroom". The emphasis is
not generally on who or what is right but on how and
why certain conclusions or answers were arrived
at/given. This causes students to think about what
they are doing and why so they can begin to see
connections and concepts instead of just right and
wrong answers.
This is especially good for me to see/be reminded of
because I tend to be a perfectionist/workaholic in a
sense and that is passed on to what I expect of my
students at times.


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