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[Channel-talkalgebra] Basic Facts

From: Mrs. Dudones <[email protected]>
Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 07:56:56 EDT
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Watching the videos, I noticed that a few teachers commented about their
students' knowledge of basic facts. Our district has recently gone to a math
program that is very "exploratory" in nature for the younger grades. What
this seems to mean is that the students explore and then understand some
concepts better than they did in the past. However, for many of them, it
also means that not as much time was spent mastering basic facts.


Students often get caught up in the process, and they don't get the details
right because they don't perform the basic operations correctly. When they
are taking the time to make sure the basic answers are correct, it often
takes them more time to complete the problem. I see this as a potential
hazard for our state achievement tests. (The students are allowed to use
calculators, but if they think they know the answer, they don't take the
time to check themselves.)


If the students are trying to find a pattern but can't because they don't
know their basics, that will really be a problem. Does anyone have any input
or insight into this potential problem area?



Julie Dudones


Mrs. Julie Dudones

Seventh Grade Reading and Eighth Grade Language Arts

Roberts Middle School

330-926-3809 x2427


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