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Re: [Channel-talkalgebra] Multiple Questions

From: Mrs. Dudones <[email protected]>
Date: Fri Apr 13 2007 - 09:52:17 EDT
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We will actually see the students EVERY day for 90 minutes. It seems a
little daunting to me, mostly because I know you can only introduce so many
new ideas in math at once.



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Subject: Re: [Channel-talkalgebra] Multiple Questions


In my 90 minute blocks we are actually covering 2 days worth of material as
we won't be having a class the next day. Will that be your case or will you
get 90 minutes every day of the year.




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Subject: [Channel-talkalgebra] Multiple Questions


I have been teaching reading and language arts to seventh and/or eighth
graders for the past 13 years. Next year, I will be moving to teaching
seventh grade "regular" math and pre-algebra for the first time.


The district is planning on implementing 90 minute blocks of math for the
first time. Do you have any suggestions or ideas about how this will work


I am considering the following daily format: 1) review previous day's
concept; 2) introduce new concept; 3) practice new concept together as a
large group or possibly in small groups (using hands-on activities as much
as possible); 4) answer questions or review work from small groups; 5)
students work alone on what would once have been homework type of problems.


I would also like to do a logic or similar problem of the week that is
briefly introduced on Mondays, due and reviewed on Fridays.


I might also be getting a SmartBoard, so I want to use that to involve the
students as much as possible.



Mrs. Julie Dudones

Seventh Grade Reading and Eighth Grade Language Arts

Roberts Middle School

330-926-3809 x2427


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